Everything we do centres around children. Our vision is to see a Nigeria where children are allowed to be children, and regardless of where they live or what they have, they own the power to a dignified childhood.

We want to make it our duty to make inquiries and enquiries to know that state of education and welfare of children (0-18) in Nigeria but our focus would be on children in the slums and the forgotten communities in every society we are able to reach.

The idea is to make any information we gather available to the public with suggested solutions and ideas we think would be effective in providing a definite and lasting solutions to any genuine problem we are able to identify. This will also enable decision makers have access to right data to make policies which favours marginalised children.

The information gathered through research and enquiries would give us a better understanding on how to better intervene as an organization to the problems we identify through coordinated programmes and projects.

Our intervention is trio in nature as it focuses on the Children, Parents and the Community. We have designed our intervention to be progressively layered in order to result to a buildup of the people we are able to reach and the processes we have set in place for the community.

Our intervention is also for the purpose of building a pilot/model of how each problem we have identified must be addressed sustainably. Our job is not to do everything for everyone but to set an example and an accurate standard of how every problem should be solved irrespective of any kind of factors that may be militating Children Education and Welfare of any forgotten community.

We will not only enquire and intervene, we will also make a meaningful noise of what we have found and what we are doing so that individuals, organizations and government can be made aware of the state of Children’s Education and Welfare in the society and what we have been doing to effect a sustainable change. The information we have and the programmes and projects we are running would make our noise substantial and evidential; providing the real picture of the situation and the solutions at the same time.
Building up the status and the stature of the organization and positioning ourselves accurately in the issues that have to do with Child Development, we would also be poised to strengthen and collaborate with any organization and institution that are already working to improve the standard of living of children. The information we have, the work we have been doing, the publicities and advocacies we have been able to put in place would give us the necessary credentials and resources to support any organization or receive support as well.