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Great things we do


This is a flagship of Love Letters Child Support Initiative. Bramble focuses on redefining education especially for children who live in educationally disadvantaged regions of Nigeria. 


Bramble is the first alternative learning school in Nigeria that provides holistic development for children who live in the rural part of the country.


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Jeans for Love

This is an attempt to solve the problem of landfills all around the country by reusing waste materials into extremely useful educational tools. We convert used jeans clothing into school bags and foot wears for children who cannot afford them. 


Since 2017, we have been recycling, donating and training youth and women in bag and shoe making skills. 

Recycled jeans:

Donated Bags: 

Trained youth and women:

Medical Outreach

Once a year, we collaborate with passionate individuals who are willing to give free medical consultation, trainings and treatment to parents of children in communities where there are low or no access to medical facilities. 

Number of outreach conducted:

Street Children

Children who live on or off the street are at the bottom of the society. They are treated as though they are not human and undeserving to live. 

They have rights just like every other human- this is what we want them to know. Through collaborative efforts, we bring people and organisations together to conduct awareness camps for these children. 

We also put measures that ensure their safety, and better welfare.

Number of camps conducted

Scholarship Program

We mobilise educational resources for children who would love to go to school but do not have primary caregivers who can pay for their tuition. 

Number of children sponsored:


There are provisions in our law for children and their rights. Why are they not enforced? We want to drive conversations around child rights in Nigeria and beyond.

Child abuse is a major menace in our communities and sadly only few people talk about it. 

Through our advocacy, we hope to stimulate the creation of policies that works in favour of every child.  


We conduct research which enable decision makers have access to the right data to make policies which favours marginalised children.  We document expertise and knowledge from researchers and grassroots practitioners to provide a comprehensive picture of the daily life of marginalised children.