Odunayo giving socks and sandals to some children in Ondo


To many families, school resumption date has never been a day to look forward to. This is not because parents do not want to spend money needed to procure school materials for their kids but because they are always having hard times meeting up to these demands despite their labour of love.

It was this realization that made us think of a way to lighten the burden of as many parents as possible by organizing Back-To-Supply Drive which is a project for crowd sourcing for educational tools and materials for the every new session. The project ran throughout the month of August so as to be able to mobilise enough resources and it was done in three locations.

Students and workers at Adeyemi College, Bookshops and random people and volunteers were involved in the donations of books and other resources needed for the children we are able to identify and reach. We gave the materials to the children when they resumed.

Now that we are in Ibadan, we are poised to doing the drive in August and with much preparation, we are confident that a success would be recorded. The drive would also be one of our annual projects at LLCSI.


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