In 2016, May 27 (Children’s day) fell on Saturday and this automatically suggested that many major children’s programme would be slated for that day. But because of busy schedules and myriads of programmes on May 27, we decided to shift our own programme to May 29 (Democracy day).

The event was a Bake Sales Fundraiser for children education and welfare. We partnered with “I Bake for Life” – an organization based in Ibadan and led by Mrs. Tolu Adetunji. Mrs. Tolu and her team members were responsible for the preparation of the pastries that were displayed for auction during the event.

The event was held at Quadrangle, Adeyemi College of Education and there were about 200 people and children from over 15 schools in attendance. The children’s response and participation showed that they were really engaged during the event and this singular feedback was enough to use as the yardstick for success because our 100% focus was on the children. Anyone that came to the event came with the awareness that it was all for the children.

Apart from the children, there were dignitaries, friends, colleagues and well wishers that came from their respective places to grace the occasion. Some of the dignitaries that graced the event were The NUT chairman, Director of UBE Ondo W.LGA, HOD of Teachers Ondo W.LGA, Dr. Ojoko of Green Institute and Corpers who are very passionate about Children and Education.

The Event was also graced by two delectable speakers:

  • Rev. Ken Igbinedion, Founder/Principal of Top Class College Ondo and Founder of Kingdom Life International Ministries.
  • Dr.  Adeboboye, Early Childhood Care and Education – Children should learn not earn

Akinwande Judah who was one of the children made an emotional presentation about:

  • His ream as a lawyer
  • The roles of a lawyer
  • The importance and responsibilities of a lawyer in the society
  • A law professional he aspired to be like
  • His own responsibilities when he eventually becomes a lawyer
  • The challenges that may hinder him from achieving his dreams

At that time, Judah was fatherless and his widowed mother was a petty trader who was initially sceptical about the presentation before the event. The passion and the emotion with which he rendered his presentation moved many to tears and also moved one of the speakers of the event; Rev. King to offer him a scholarship to study at Top Class College. The whole space was filled with joy after so many tears. That was the greatest highlight of the event!

It was a joy to LLCSI that we have such talent like Judah whose words are not only emotional to move people to tears or persuasive enough to inspire action but the words were also genuine and true in all sense.

The pastries were sold out – none of the products made by “I Bake for Life” wasted and this attested to the fact that there was a common goal that united everyone at that event. The goal is that every child has right of access to quality life.


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