We are a child rights advocacy organization (NGO) in Nigeria focused on organizing and combining efforts to make children in marginalised areas across the country experience transformative change. We tackle the challenges of poor education and welfare of these children through various approaches. 

Our Story

Love Letters Child Support Initiative began in September 2016. Here’s her story:


In 2016, we met Dada. Dada was a four year old boy who assisted his grandmother in cleaning public toilets for money. We found it deeply troubling that, at such a tender age, Dada had been exposed to painful circumstances that robbed him of his dignity during childhood. Meeting this underserved child sparked the vision to start the Love Letters Child Support, which began as a non-profit in 2016 before being registered as an NGO in the year 2017.


— Bramble

Bramble is the first alternative learning school in Nigeria that provides holistic development for children who live in the rural part of the country.

— Jeans for love

This is an attempt to solve the problem of landfills all around the country by reusing waste materials into extremely useful educational tools.

— Scholarship program​

We mobilize educational resources for children who would love to go to school but do not have primary caregivers who can pay for their tuition. 


Trip to Ajangboto

It was on a Monday morning – First day of Odunayo Aliu’s internship as a teacher at a school in Ondo, Ondo state. Odunayo has always had it in mind; thinking and brooding on how to best make sure that under privileged children in slums and forgotten communities have access to the basic things of life especially in the area of education, health and welfare. Before the time, she had already made an effort to help a child named Seun Dada who was in need of quality education. A flier had been designed in order to solicit help for her.

Name changed: Plethora Initiative to Love Letters Child Support Initiative

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Our name has been changed from The Plethora Initiative to Love Letters Child Support Initiative. This is because some other organisations had registered the initial name. We are happy with our new name because it fully describes what our organisation does. It is the core of our vision. We look forward to the wonders and graces we will enjoy henceforth, because of this name. Love Letters to the world. So, hang on friends, the journey has just begun!